Why does my Chinese food menu have po’boys on it?

Sinclair presents us with a vision of globalization which I find hard to believe:

Thai boxing by Moroccan girls in Amsterdam

Sure, he’s using it to illustrate how seemingly incongruous ideas come together with globalization, with international consumerism leading to a “mélange of cultural and consumption choices that they never had when their cultural imagination was defined by the limits of their national media system.”

And it seems hard to deny Sinclair’s idea of “decollecting”- selectively implanting cultural goods from outside contexts- when I can walk down the street and see people doing hot yoga next to a Chinese food restaurant run by a Korean family.

But how deep is this cultural embedding?  Do we really assimilate outside cultural goods into our own lives?  And if we do, are we really CHANGING our own culture/adding layers to our charm bracelet of identity or are we just reinterpreting these goods/ideas/identities in our own cultural way?

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