The Future is Noöw!

Come with me, oh followers!

Let us travel to a place where our thoughts, information, and ideas combine to form “a web of living thought”! The moment of super-psychic abilities is upon us!  Soon, a synthesis will occur, and people from around the world – “different nations, races and cultures” – will upgrade their brains to be planetary in scope.  Together, mankind will rise to “a high, new evolutionary plane, driven by a collective devotion to moral and juridical principles.” Now, there may be an apocalypse when we all fuse together into this “thinking circuit,” so hold on tight.  The noosphere is upon us!

Oh wait, what are you saying, readers in North Korea? Africa?  Rural India… rural EVERYWHERE? I can’t seem to hear you.  Are you saying you don’t have access to the Internet?  That you’re still trying to struggle into the info and cybersphere?  That the divide is widening between us and that my optimistic language about a world evolution information revolution is reminding you of Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


Well, you know, you really don’t count in this conversation anyway. I mean, other than you in North Korea with your bombs, we’re more interested in people who are already engaged and who have some kind of power.  In fact, I seem to be mostly interested in overthrowing the old system, but kind of.. you know… keeping a lot of the North-South dynamics going.  Think of this as globalization 2.0.

Let me begin again

Come with me oh followers elites of the world!…


Ronfeldt and Arquilla, The Promise of noöpolitik

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2 Responses to The Future is Noöw!

  1. Mariam S. says:

    I appreciate your point (not to mention the delivery). There is no question that amidst the optimism that surrounds globalization and worldwide networks, we (when I say we, I mean others) tend to forget the negative implications of emerging technology gaps.
    This is ironic considering the “promise” of noöpolitik is a balance of distribution of resources and positive outcome due to learned cooperation. The assumption is that in a system where ideas relate to other ideas, they gain power. So if noöspace is less about the space of technology, and more about the space of ideas, it inherently ignores the fact that those who do not have the technology are excluded from these ideascapes, and following the logic, are thus powerless.

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