Can Communication Technology Help Galvanize Political Change in the Wake of the Lady’s Release?

For years I have followed the travails of Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyii and along with the much of the world was overjoyed at her recent release. I began to think of what we have been studying about the debate and scholarship about (Castells’ idea of public shere, and others) communication networks and mobile telephony and its ability to galvanize people into action against oppressive or corrupt regimes. Additionally, how individuals have used ICTs to mobilize their communities, civil society and ordinary citizens to push for social change. More than that, it’s also put on notice governments such as Myannmar’s military junta that a power shift is possible (and hopefully imminent) with the sustained, unrelenting support and it won’t be business as usual with people’s lives and freedom. Much has changed since The Lady’s arrest and 21st century technology has certainly placed a great deal of power in the hands of citizen activist. I wanted to share this Time article, with these thoughts in mind. Hope you enjoy!

Free Again, Can “The Lady” Still Rally Burma’s Opposition?

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One Response to Can Communication Technology Help Galvanize Political Change in the Wake of the Lady’s Release?

  1. Liza says:

    I have also thought about and related certain current events with notions that we have been studying in class like communications networks and new opportunities for people o take action against oppressive corrupt regimes. It is amazing how much has changed and revolutionized since Aung San Suu Kyiis arrest. I found the article you posted very interesting and I have also followed her travails. I think it is very interesting to note how different activists around the world are using these new ICTs and in what cases are activists able to shift more power away from the government. Burma is a very interesting case. Only a very very small percent of the population has use of the interests however cell phones and the internet are noted as playing crucial roles in spreading the world about Burma’s protests and activism.

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