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Entertainment Education: Holding Hands and Making the World a Better Place. So Why Do I Feel Queasy?

Something struck me while doing research on the diffusion and varying successes and failure of Sesame Street in different countries. I found particularly disheartening the fact that little Israeli and Palestinian children could not hold hands and play on the … Continue reading

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Do we really know about HIV/AIDS?

Frank in his case study of Jasoos Vijay, talks about how to use drama for development. But he highlights the cultural and normative elements to apply this edutainment for development. As Bandura defines the social context as “Complex cultural patterns … Continue reading

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I’m hesitant to lean to far one way or the other on the Wikileaks situation.   In terms of a security breach, it is simply remarkable that one person would have access to 250,000 files.  It is even more remarkable that … Continue reading

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A is for Aids Education

Clearly the word is out about the efficacy of television as a teaching tool, and how entertainment programming can serve in health education and development. The countries with the largest population affected by HIV/AIDS are South Africa, Nigeria, and India (in … Continue reading

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Definitely not brought to you by E for Edutainment.

Now, I know this week’s readings were focused strongly on edutainment, but frankly, I had enough of that with Sesame Street. Instead, I’d like to  talk about an aspect of international communication which we haven’t really touched on- the private … Continue reading

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