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This blog is written and maintained by of a group of graduate students in the International Communication program at American University's School of International Service.

Entertainment Education: Holding Hands and Making the World a Better Place. So Why Do I Feel Queasy?

Something struck me while doing research on the diffusion and varying successes and failure of Sesame Street in different countries. I found particularly disheartening the fact that little Israeli and Palestinian children could not hold hands and play on the … Continue reading

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For New Messages, Press Play: Updating the US Communication Strategy

For years, much of the world has considered the US communication system of messaging influencing more than a little draconian. Even lesser developed countries and regions that many may have quietly assumed to be easily duped or seduced have looked askance and … Continue reading

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Can Communication Technology Help Galvanize Political Change in the Wake of the Lady’s Release?

For years I have followed the travails of Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyii and along with the much of the world was overjoyed at her recent release. I began to think of what we have been studying about the debate … Continue reading

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The (Arab) World According to Al Jazeera

 Undoubtedly, since its inception in the shadows of Operation Desert Storm, Al Jazeera’s growing power, reach and  influence has catapulted the news agency to the status of international non-state actor. As several Arab regimes such as Jordan can attest it has certainly become … Continue reading

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All The World’s a Stage and Now We’re All on it Together

   Indeed, the darker side globalization has precipitated a number of worldwide crises and negative outcomes that affect populations from the Australian outback to the Maldives and the shores of the United States and we no loner have the luxury … Continue reading

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We’re Turning Japanese? Only if it Looks Like Something Else

There is no doubt that “the spread of Japanese cultural products reflects that Japanese media industries and cultural forms are playing a substantial role in global cultural flows” as Koichi Iwabuchi states in his work, “Taking “Japanization” Seriously: Cultural Globalization … Continue reading

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You Can Bring the Horse to Water…

Recently, I read a Vanity Fair article on Britain’s Prince Charles’ new book on the importance of protecting the planet and his decades long work on preservation and organic farming. I was struck by something he said (to paraphrase), “We … Continue reading

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